Warranty application process

For warranty claims, always contact the point of sale where you purchased your product. This is responsible for the warranty and warranty processing in a warranty case and is obliged to do so.

Important note: We are not the manufacturer Exit, we only sell their products as a reseller.

If you have purchased your product from us and there is a justified defect, a complete warranty claim must be submitted by email to: info [ät] exit-trampolin [dot] ch. This must contain the following:

  • Copy of the original proof of purchase or receipt
  • Description and cause of the damage (which parts are defective?)
  • Picture of the entire trampoline
  • Detailed pictures of the damage
  • Article number and serial number of the defective product (the information can be seen on the defective parts by means of a textile label or on the metal frame by means of an adhesive label)
Important: Without complete information, we cannot process warranty claims or forward them to the manufacturer.

Please do not send in any material to us before we have asked you to do so. There is no right to replacement material during the processing time, immediate availability of spare parts cannot be guaranteed.

Please note that are excluded from the manufacturer's warranty:
  • Damage caused by improper use, misuse, overloading or external force.
  • Defects that are not reported immediately upon knowledge
  • Products that have been modified in any way after purchase
  • Products that have not been assembled and used in accordance with the assembly and user manuals
  • Products that are used for commercial purposes
  • Wear parts like fiberglass poles*, elastic bands, cover caps, etc.

* In principle, breakage of the fiberglass poles is not covered by the warranty, as breakage of the poles is not due to a material defect. The rods can break due to excessive pressure, which is a characteristic of the material. Fiberglass poles are flexible to a certain degree. The decisive factor is the elongation at break and the compressive strength of the material. If these are exceeded, a drop in stress occurs and the material breaks. This corresponds to the properties of the material and is not due to a manufacturing defect, which is why there is no warranty claim.