STANDARD Trampoline

The EXIT Elegant trampoline is the latest of its kind and a real upgrade in the trampoline world. The special feature of this trampoline is the combination of a stylish and unique look and the enormous jumping power. Discover how a trampoline can be much more than a beautiful playground and experience great jumping adventures with our Elegant trampolines. There is nothing wrong with the jumping comfort of the Elegant trampoline. As standard, the trampolines are equipped with double-conical springs, which are 17.7 cm long.

The InTerra trampoline by EXIT Toys is completely buried at ground level: the trampoline does not occupy any empty space and gives a nice and calm picture in the garden. And children of all ages can enter the InTerra trampoline easily and safely. Step on it and jump off! The InTerra trampoline is also designed for good bounce: thanks to the double conical springs of 17.7 centimetres you have a good rebound and a soft landing. The air created during trampoline jumping escapes through the trampoline's unique ventilation system. So you can jump carefree and the trampoline minimizes the noise during jumping.
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