SILVER Trampoline

Silver Exit Trampolin
Jumping comfort:
For whom what jumping comfort? The jumping comfort of a trampoline is determined by the age of the children and the length of the spring. Children up to 12 years old have the most fun jumping on a trampoline with bronze bounce comfort. These trampolines are characterized by short springs on which they can bounce well. Older children experience the most jumping fun on trampolines with longer springs. They can make the highest jumps on a trampoline with silver and gold. We distinguish the following jumping comfort:

Gold: children / teenagers / adults / athletes / professionals, Silver: children / teenagers / adults, Bronze / Bronze+: children up to 12 years / children up to 16 years

Quality class:
All trampolines we offer are quality products. Nevertheless, we distinguish our trampolines into the following quality grades:

Gold: excellent, Silver: very good, Bronze: good
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