PREMIUM Trampoline

The EXIT Elegant trampoline is the latest of its kind and a real upgrade in the trampoline world. The special feature of this trampoline is the combination of a stylish and unique look and the enormous jumping power. Discover how a trampoline can be much more than a beautiful playground and experience great jumping adventures with our Elegant trampolines. There is nothing wrong with the jumping comfort of the Elegant trampoline. As standard, the trampolines are equipped with double-conical springs, which are 17.7 cm long. For the ultimate jumping experience, choose Elegant Premium trampolines with extra long premium springs, 21.6 cm long. The good quality of the springs, frame and protective edge ensure that the Elegant trampolines last a very long time. This is how you experience years of fun with the Elegant trampoline series.

Are you looking for a trampoline of absolute top quality for years of jumping pleasure? Then the EXIT Supreme trampoline is an excellent choice! These trampolines have a high-quality protective edge, extra long springs and a specially developed ventilation system.
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